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Chemistry Class


Our team

Recriutment opportunities

Postdoctoral fellow

We are always looking for ambitious and talanted postdocs to join our team. Are you interested in autoimmunity/immunology research or the biology of stromal cells ? Send us your CV including a couple of references and a brief summary of your research and we will get back to you!

Interested in research?

Are you a university student that are interested in research and want to gain more experience in experimental lab work? We have several projects that could help you expand your scientific research portfolio. 

Thesis projects

Are you about to do a thesis project for your bachelor or master's degree? We have several thesis projects and are well experienced in supervising students during their thesis work. Are you interested in doing your thesis in our lab, just let us know!

Summer research project

Are you interested in doing a summer research project? Each summer we offer a couple of spots for students that wants to gain more research experience. Just send us your CV, a summary of your research interests and we will get back to you.

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